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Our Work

Hydralas was founded in order to create a paradise on Earth. With each project we complete, we are one step closer. Each of our services is designed to cultivate nature, health, beauty, and add as much value as possible to existing structures. The platform that is Hydralas not only benefits its clients but every job that is done through Hydralas helps fund environmentally-friendly humanitarian projects in collaboration with NGO's and Municipalities.

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Humanitarian Projects

As Hydralas moves forward we seek to be a catalyst for forward sustainable thinking. Our goal is to fund and initiate eco-projects throughout the world that create solutions to many out dated problems. As Hydralas grows and blossoms we intend to create opportunities to partake in environmental impact projects.

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Waste Not Want Not

Project OMT  is an initiative that diverts waste from landfill sites based by public redistribution centers. 

Step 1:  By adding a few extra organizational systems and safety precautions at existing landfills, the redistribution of "useable" material to the public will add a additional revenue source.

Step 2: Create pre-landfill drop off sites that collects and organize useful building material and helps to redistribute it to the public with a per-pound pricing.

Step 3: Establish re-fabrication workshops and repurposing classes for the public at redistribution centers.

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Space To Grow

Project Bamboo's goal is to establish large bamboo nurseries in developed countries, in order to absorb atmospheric CO2, and provide a regenerative building material.

Bamboo is the one of the most versatile and regenerative natural building resources on the planet, and it is one of the only materials that can keep up with the high demand of the building industry. Bamboo is the future of building materials, and the future of air purification. 

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Give The Gift of Water

Gravity Water is a non-profit partner that provides clean drinking water to schools in developing countries.

Gravity Water combines rainwater harvesting, elevated storage, and gravity-fed filtration, providing schools in with a localized source of safe drinking water that is on-site, self-sustaining, and 100% energy-free.

A portion of every Rain Water Harvesting system that Hydralas installs, helps to fund an energy free rainwater filtration system in a developing country. To learn more about Gravity Water and the amazing work that they do  Click the link below.

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Our Name

The name Hydralas is composed of two different components that reveal the intention of our organization. 

The prefix HYDRA is the latin root for water, as well as a character from greek Mythology. In Greek Mythology the Hydra was a water serpent that had nine heads. This reference is a fundamental part of our ideology, because it connotes the idea that we are many minds working together for one body. 

The suffix Dralas is derived from a tibetan buddhist term coined by Chögyam Trungpa Rimpoche. The Dralas are the “elements of reality, water of water, fire of fire, earth of earth. Anything that connects you with the elemental quality of reality, anything that reminds you of the depth of perception”

These two concepts are the foundation from which Hydralas was created. They also form the basis of our goal. Hydralas seeks to connect people to the elemental forces that are present in our world, while creating mutually beneficial systems that support human activity as well as the environment.

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